How I started painting JingleBulbs...

I saw a beautiful bulb in a store in West Hartford CT that I loved. It was painted in Peru on paper mache. At first sight, I was very inspired.

Since  I love to paint  I played around with various techniques so I could paint them on glass. 

I started making them for my illustration clients, family and friends. 

Soon after people were asking me if I sold them and before I knew it JingleBulbs was born.  

Since then I have discovered how to make the ornaments look like sea glass, how to get Swarsoski crystals on them and this year a wonderful glitter inside the ornament technique.

Its been a wonderful ride, I hope you think JingleBulbs are as special as I do.

I feel very happy that something I have created has become part of families traditions.

Thats the best part of creating JingleBulbs.